Mobile Natural Gas Laboratory Analytical Services

  • C9 Extended Gas Analysis
  • Real Time On-site Results
  • Data Entered into the Field RTU
  • Update and save RTU configurations
Mobile gas sampling with liquid eliminator & heated hose

Mobile Gas Lab

  • Portable chromatograph technology allows faster sampling, multiple analyses and instantaneous, accurate, and repeatable results.
  • On-site analysis eliminates sample collection cylinders, sample contamination, sample variations (due to time and temperature), sample transportation and data handling.
  • A temperature-controlled sample line runs from the natural gas source to the chromatograph.
  • An extended C9 gas analysis ensures accurate BTU determination.
  • Test results are downloaded to remote telemetry units.
  • Gas-analysis databases can be used for reporting and archiving purposes. (Customized services are available.)
  • Analysis results available on-site.
  • Gas analysis database available for customer review and documentation.
Mobile calibration and gas analysis with RTU communications and configurations.

Quality Control

  • Daily calibration and verification using certified NIST standards.
  • Internal audit program for all chromatograph.
  • Chromatograph data reviewed and archived.
  • Historical comparisons available
Flowing gas samples collected from production equipment.

$ Cost Effective $

Our service allows accurate on site sampling and a cost effective method to analyze natural gas. Our technicians are always aware of the economic importance of good sampling procedures. Consider the end result of a non-representative sample. Assume a bad gas sample results in a 10 BTU error. This would generally be an error of less than 1.0 percent.

Had this error been made on a system with a flow rate of (2000 MCF) per day and a contract price of $2.00 per MMBTU, the end result would be a monetary gain or loss of $14,600 per year. This very realistic example should certainly reinforce the old adage “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. The success of this industry depends on that philosophy.

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